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Cooking has always been a part of my life. From the first fried egg sandwich I made when I was a boy, through my bachelor years when I was cooking good food while my buddies survived on mac and cheese, to cooking with my new bride, to taking a cooking class for fun, to leaving a thirty year career to go back to college for a degree in culinary arts; cooking has evolved from a kid frying an egg to my life’s passion. And now I want to share that passion with you.

From The Field Cooking School
is about learning how to eat well. We all have to eat. We like to eat. But, let’s face it, most of us don’t eat well. Learning how to feed ourselves is one of the basic life skills that most of us aren’t taught anymore. So we must depend on others to feed us – restaurants and corporate food manufacturers. A lot of it is good but most, well, not so much, as the dramatic rise in obesity in this country will attest to. Making your own food allows you to take control of the quality and content of the food you put into your body, as well as saving money. That is the power of cooking. And, oh, by the way, cooking can be really fun – I mean it's sharp knives, fire and good eats, what’s not to like?

We will teach you
how to prepare delicious meals, cooking techniques, the science of cooking, kitchen safety and sanitation, some food history and other useful information, presented in clear, easy to understand and entertaining manner.

Our classes and courses allow you to enjoy
the culinary experience from different perspectives; whether it be attending a relaxing demonstration cooking class or rolling up your sleeves and participating in a hands-on class or course.
I want to help you take control of what you and yours eat, learn good cooking skills and techniques and hopefully, along the way take your interest in food and turn it into the same joy it has been in my life. Come join us and have fun learning how to cook or become a better cook.


Bill Turney

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